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Facilities provided

The following facilities are being provided in Nizhal Charitable Trust

•  The doors of Nizhal are always open for every orphan and destitute children.
•   These children are provided with lodging and boarding, school uniform, stationery, bed and all other amenities.
•   All children study in schools situated in the nearby place, qualified  tutor is been  appointed for remedial  studies.
•   Every child is provided with wholesome, nutrition diet to ensure his/her good physical and mental health.
•   For the physical development of children,  exercise, sports and games are being conducted as a  part of the daily- routine.

Our staff gives individual attention to the childrens' emotional needs and any problems that they have. They work well together and understand our goals for the children.
The children have quickly formed deep bonds with one another, so our home has a "family" feeling with love and affection.

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