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Nizhal Charitable Trust is a non-profitable, non-religious, social service organization registered under 'Charitable Trust Act' (No: 470/IV/11) with the intention of helping the helpless. It does not receive any government funds and as such depends entirely on the generous donations of businesses and individuals. Through the pain and grief of the destitute children, our eyes were opened to the sufferings of thousands of young children around the world; children suffering for no fault of theirs. Except for having been born in the wrong place. Our dream was to reach out to those children in need. We strongly believe these children need to live in a homely environment with lots of love and care, this would enable them adjust well in adulthood.

We have started with 15 children(Boys and Girls) in our home with our own resources. Now our home is only for Girl children and at present there are 13 girls in our home.

We have seen the school children going without uniform, without slippers, leave alone shoes, without a slate or a note-book, without a pen or a pencil, they have no sports material to play with and many needs are there for the school going children.  They have no colour pencils to do the drawing.  Many of these children are talented, but they have no means to buy them.  We care for such children and provide them all the above.

The children go through regular medical checkups, sports programs, singing, crafts, etc. Special programs are arranged for them during festivals, independence and republic days. We protect children from abuse.

Just think about the kids who for one reason or another don’t have loving parents, don’t have warmth of homes, and do not have the privilege to be taken care of by a family and must live in a orphanage.

Our desire is to relieve their misery and move them into an environment of love and belonging. We are committed to give these kids an opportunity for normal life and happiness. We are working very hard to provide them with a safe and comfortable place to live with nutritious meals, good medical care, etc.

Earlier ther were both girls and boys. Now from May 20th 2013, due to Govt.norms, we have completely changed the home only for the girls children. They are from the age of 6 years to 16 years and all are school going children.

World-wide of the more than 130 million primary school age children not enrolled in school, nearly 60% are girls.

By age 18, girls have received an average of 4.4 years less education than boys.

At least one in three girls and women worldwide has been beaten or sexually abused in her lifetime.

In societies where a male child is regarded as more valuable to the family, girls often are

* denied the right to life

* denied the right to name and nationality
By being married off early or forced to stay at home and help in domestic chores, girls are often denied the

* right to education and all the advantages that go with it

* right to associate freely

* rights accompanying unjustified deprivation of liberty

In order to overcome the above NIZHAL CHARITABLE TRUST has opened it's door to improve the welfare of the girl child, especially in regard to shelter, health, nutrition and education.